piątek, 10 stycznia 2014

Bytom Bus Transformers

Sadly our 'Dream trip' to Barcelona didnt’t take place in 2013 because of prolonged renovation and lack of money. We have now completed the bus renovations, thus bus is ready to go! We must now to raise $3000 USD to take our six boys on a well deserved holiday of a lifetime this summer to Barcelona. Bartek and friends would be very very grateful for any financial donations or support you are able to give. The donations will be collected by the Ewangelical Mission at the Augusberg Church in Bytom, Poland, which employs and houses out small team Group of Street Workers UNO who are deployed throughout the city of Bytom. Bank details below.
Thank you for your kindness and interest,

Robert Cieslar 

Bank Details:
SWIFT CODE: INGBPLPW 81 1050 1083 1000 0022 8838 0138

transfer title: Getaway Bus Barcelona

PS You can also support another project or our different activities. Bank details are the same, but You should titled transfer "GPU UNO".

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