piątek, 5 października 2012

Talking, laughing, playing, being creative


 Talking, laughing, playing, being creative – that's how we passed most of the time together in Bobrek – and with trying to understand each other. For example one tuesday Kasia and I invited the girls to Miechowice, parafia, where we painted together window color (which I like very much!) and cutted out some autumn pictures. Yes, it is autumn, but still we can enjoy the warm sun und play outside, as well. I was sorry to stay another three days in an office...but I had the honour to be guest and volunteer at the weekend.

 What a big spectacle was the fest in Bobrek! 
I enjoyed a lot to look in the happy faces after having produced a biiiig bubble, or after I have painted for them another Hello Kitty or Spiderman...and the two clowns were great, weren't they? Also the fire spectacle in the evening. For me it was interesting to see also some parents and to see Bobrek very lively!
After the fest I didn't work in Bytom for a while. Nevertheless, when I came back two weeks later, I was glad some children were happy to see me- at least I thought so. :D I am sometimes wondering how the children and youths can spend time so gladly with us. They live in the present and that's what makes life so intensive!
We could spend another three days together ....talking, laughing, playing, being creative...going swimming with eight boys:D...get to know a very nice dog- big as a cow! - and have a great dinner together and playing billard...Thanks to all of you that I could have such a great stage in Bobrek!! I hope to see you again, maybe in one or two years. I am wondering how you will look like, what will be your hobbies...and if I still remember Polish then! ;D

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