piątek, 14 września 2012

Idziemy na "Tarzana"!

I am looking forward to a trip to Zabrze today, we are going to see the musical “Tarzan”. 
Robert meets his group, five boys who we already met at the soccer match this morning. But everyone seems to be lively enough to pass the evening in a dark theatre! We have to go by tramway and to walk a little bit, but there is always a theme to talk about, even if don’t understand very much. Sometimes I wonder if it is also because of the specific language of the boys…We buy some snacks and drinks in a little shop because we still have much time. 

 When we arrive at the “Dom muzyki i tańca”, I have to smile: Everyone looks elegant - we are here like everyday (hoods on the heads, mobile phones, bottles and gums included). Well, we get attention, but we are not thrown out. ;)
Nobody of us ever went to a musical, but we know – and Robert and I remind -  that we shouldn’t talk (at least not to loud…) and to sit calmly on our chairs. Even if they aren’t very comfortable… I guess it’s for not falling asleep. But the theatre doesn’t have to be afraid of that, because for all of us the musical is so impressing and full of action so we don’t get bored for a second! I am amused that the boys think it’s “cool”, even if we aren’t listening to hip-hop music. ;) After the end we try to get a tramway but it takes a little time to get home. Anyway, we are in a good mood. My result? This group isn’t the everyday’s visitor in a musical, but will always be a fan!

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