piątek, 14 września 2012

Moje piersze dni na Bobrku

Why is this an english text? I can explain it to you: I am Dorina from Germany and I haven't been learning Polish for a long time so I hope you understand me if I tell you something in English, of my time as a volunteer in Bytom with the streetworkers. I only stay here for about 19 days, but still I have many new and interesting experiences every day.

I am two days in Bytom, time to start my work in Bobrek. I have no idea what will happen… 
Crossing Bobrek’s first houses I get an idea of the condition of this quarter. And it’s not getting better in the streets I walk through with Natalia and Robert. We stop our tour in between three houses where lots of little children are playing. They know the streetworker, and I hope, that they will accept and like me. I am happy to be able to persuade some children to play with us with a big cloth and to play with them games I know from Germany, as well. Also painting with them isn’t a problem at all! (Here I get to know what “Polonia Bytom” is…quite important.) But what about painting on them? Will I understand what they want me to paint? There are some older ones (and a dictionary) that translate and help me a little bit, so I get to know what is a “księżniczka” and a “czaszka” - not to be confused with each other! - and I have to paint it, well, feels like a thousand times. But no problem, the time passes by fast, and I have a bank to sit on… From the distance many boys now look dirty(er). And later the colorful tunnel as well, as the children may crawl through it!

There are some youth trying to speak English and Polish with me. I am sorry, I don’t understand and speak very well, but still I am glad that they are interested in me. I try to ask them questions, as well. It’s the first time I have to talk to someone without any help in German - so I have to cope with embarrassing breaks if we don’t understand each other. The result of the day is that I could at least give the children my attention, even If I couldn’t explain everything, and I think they enjoyed it. While we are spending time together most of the time it doesn’t matter where we are from and which language we speak.

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